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Motorsport.com (2017-01-07) – “La Clinica Mobile, une institution en plein développement” -Par Léna Buffa  Il y a trois ans, le Dr Zasa a pris le témoin du Dr Costa, ouvrant une nouvelle ère de la Clinica Mobile avec à sa charge une mission des plus complexes : assurer la continuité tout en réinventant ce qui est devenu une institution du paddock MotoGP. La Clinica Mobile, c’est un petit hôpital ambulant, qui concentre en 65 mètres carrés tout ce qui est devenu essentiel pour soigner les pilotes. Faire en sorte qu’elle œuvreRead More
GP Plus #12 – “Clinique Mobile – Des soins high-tech” –  par Thomas Beaujard En GP, il n’y a pas que les motos qui se modernisent. La clinique mobile hérite elle aussi des dernières technologies pour réparer les pilotes blessés. Visite guidée avec le boss, le docteur Michele Zasa. Silverstone, vendredi, fin de matinée. La première séance Moto2 vient de se terminer, la clinique mobile est donc pleine de pilotes blessés venus se faire retaper avant de remonter sur leurs machines en milieu d’après-midi. Le Suisse Dominique Aegerter, l’épaule droiteRead More
Article on Performance Bikes by Mat Oaxley
Performance Bikes (October 2016) – “The riders are superhumans, but they do feel pain” by Mat Oaxley Dr Michele Zasa is the man in charge of fixing  injured MotoGP riders. He took over MotoGP’s  Clinica Mobile from its  founder Dr Claudio  Costa. Previously, Zasa worked with the East  Anglia air ambulance  service, bringing pre-hospital emergency  treatment to accident  victims. He has also  worked in Africa and the Antarctic… For full article, please click on the image!    Read More
Clinica Mobile truck inside the MOtoGP paddock
On track off road 140 issue by Otormag – ” A haven of help in MotoGP” by Tammy Gorali The Clinica Mobile has long been synonymous as the place where Grand Prix riders, mostly Italian, entered wounded and emerged ligaments strapped, joints taped, contusions treated and fears allayed to take to the track again the next day. For almost forty years, since 1977 in fact, the small medical facility has been an indispensible part of the GP paddock. Boasting a core group of seven doctors, double that in physiotherapists, andRead More
European Hospital (vol 26 issue 3/16 – July August 2016) – “Clinica Mobile’s DRX-1 delivers high speed care” Exuding the aroma of hi-octane fuel, the glamour of multi-coloured racing leathers, flashy sponsored brands and the glitz of the circuits, motorcycle racing can be an irresistible fast-action sport. Amid the roar of engines, the world’s leading motorcycle aces, such as Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi or Jonathan Rea, hit around 300kmh on tracks across the globe. High-speed duals thrill the crowds, but clearly the risk of accident and injury remain high, despiteRead More
Kronen Zeitung – (13.08.2016) – Rollendes Hospital by Volker Silli –  Das „Clinica Mobile“ aus Parma tourt mit dem  MotoGP-Zirkus mit – denn zehn bis 50 Stürze  pro Wochenende sind bei den „Bikern“ Usus (The Kronen Zeitung is Austria’s largest newspaper)  Read More
“How Strong do you have to be to race MotoGP?” – by Simon Patterson – Perhaps not as strong as you think, says Dr. Zasa, the boss of Clinica Mobile, MotoGP’s in-house sports medicine clinic.    Read More
Zasa, Fontanesi, Viñales e Dalla Rosa Prati
La Gazzetta dello Sport 29.06.2016 – Articolo sul nostro 2º Convegno ECM “Dalla pista alla strada”, con gli ospiti d’eccezione Kiara Fontanesi e Maverick Viñales. MotoGP Fontanesi, la scelta: “Rossi mito. Ma se Maverick lo battesse…” La campionessa del cross parla della prossima stagione, quando il fidanzato Viñales correrà in Yamaha col pesarese: “Sono orgogliosa di lui, se qualche volta finirà davanti a Vale non potrò che esserne contenta” http://video.gazzetta.it/fontanesi-rossi-vinales-tifo-maverick/456a6c46-3e13-11e6-a503-5bf189c6d778 29 giugno 2016 – Parma Due cuori, una motocicletta: Maverick Viñales, pilota MotoGP in sella alla Suzuki Ecstar, e KiaraRead More
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El Periódico, 24/06/2014 – Michele Zasa: “Los pilotos temen más al dolor que a la muerte” Una entrevista interesante para nuestros seguidores en lengua española, de Emilio Pérez de Rozas http://www.elperiodico.com/es/noticias/motogp/entrevista-michele-zasa-clinica-movil-motogp-5225710Read More
MCN SPORT (Season Review 2015, published in June, 2016) – Exclusive interview with Dr. Zasa by Simon Patterson on Motorcycle News 2015 review. For 40 years, the legendary Dr Costa has led the mobile clinic which fixes MotoGP riders. Now there’s a new leader: Dr Zasa. And he has big ideas. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/motogp/Read More