Clinica Mobile truck inside the MOtoGP paddock

On track off road magazine – A haven of help in MotoGP

On track off road 140 issue by Otormag – ” A haven of help in MotoGP” by Tammy Gorali

The Clinica Mobile has long been synonymous as the place where Grand Prix riders, mostly Italian, entered wounded and emerged ligaments strapped, joints taped, contusions treated and fears allayed to take to the track again the next day. For almost forty years, since 1977 in fact, the small medical facility has been an indispensible part of the GP paddock. Boasting a core group of seven doctors, double that in physiotherapists, and at least two radiologists it is a vast operation with a similar sized collective servicing WorldSBK. Heading the MotoGP contingent is Dr. Michele Zasa and Tammy Gorali recently sat down with the Italian to ask about his job, the changing role of the Clinica Mobile since the days of founder Claudio Costa and what its like to treat the very best motorcycle athletes…

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